FRIDAY BOOKISH FAVORITES: The Summer with Agatha Christie edition

Friday bookish Favorites - Agatha Christie

Happy Friday my friends and welcome to S.U.M.M.E.R!!!!!! Today, I have a very special edition for you! For this week’s Friday Favorites,  I have compiled a list of my favorite Agatha Christie books that I think will be perfect for your summer reading! They are part of her “foreign travel”  books taking place in exotic locations and they will satisfy your wanderlust until your own vacation!   Let’s start with one of the most famous of her books. If you are new to her work, this is a wonderful book…

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Friday Bookish Favorites

Happy Friday and welcome to the second edition of my                                                              Friday Bookish Favorites! A little inspiration for your weekend…                                          WHAT I AM READING   “There is no client as scary as an innocent man.”     THE LINCOLN LAWYER by…

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Friday Bookish Favorites at

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the first edition of my Friday Bookish Favorites!                                               I hope I inspire you and bring a little beauty in your everyday lives! BOOK I AM READING   I was searching for a good cozy murder mystery series and Amazon recommended this book to me. When I found out that it is taking place in an island in the South,…

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7.12.2016 – An Hercule Poirot’s Christmas Day…

Maltesers birthday cake - - blogmas 2016

Good morning my friends and welcome to our Blogmas 2016! The month of December is such an exciting month, don’t you agree? Everything is a little brighter, cozier, just more sparkly… December 7th was my son’s 11th birthday!!!!!! I baked him a cake, a Maltesers Chocolate Cake from Nigella Lawson’s Feast: Food to Celebrate Life  which i then decorated with Maltesers and Smarties. It was too sweet for my taste but it looked very impressive!   Do you see the book on the stand? It’s called Christmas for Greta and Gracie. If…

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4.12.2016 – A Murder She Wrote Day

Blogmas - jessica fletcher - upcloseandbookish

  Good morning my friends and welcome to day 3 & 4 of our Christmas adventures! Saturday and Sunday were lazy days. Basically i spent the weekend  setting up my blog which, as you can see, is in a pretty basic state right now. But I am working on it! To be honest, this whole process really makes me giddy with excitement! Our Christmas activity for the weekend was, of course, this     Our letters to S-A-N-T-A!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, the decisions that had to be made! The letters…

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1.12.2016 – A Hundred Summers Day

A Hundred Summers Day -

  Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to my first two days of Blogmas 2016! These are our family Christmas adventures through the month of December! Hope you enjoy! December 1 Good morning! It’s 07.30′ in the morning. It is the first of December and as we are climbing down the stairs, the first thing the kids notice is the lit-up tree!   Of course, the second thing that we do is open our Christmas advent calendars which they have been begging to open since the middle of November when we bought…

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