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I decided to start a book blog after listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast called: “Jarvis versus Ferriss” (Chase Jarvis and Tim Ferriss) where they were talking about how to find the time and, thus, the courage to pursue your creativity. And so they said that we should start with the most simple step we can take like something that is going to take us just 5 minutes of our time. Specifically, Tim Ferriss said: “What would this look like if it were easy?”

And that is how i took my…first photograph and I posted it in Instagram. And then I posted another and another, I made some lovely, precious friends, I started writing small book reviews but, ultimately, I found out that I need more space for my thoughts.

So I decided to start this blog! Because of my deep belief in the power of books, I want to use this space to share my opinion on books that I love and that I think they will enrich your life. Books can really change your life. Promise.

I would love to hear from you! You can find me in Instagram, you can tweet me or you can email me at upcloseandbookish dot gmail dot com.

Anyway, this place isn’t about me. It’s about beauty. Enjoy.

xo Greta


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