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Good morning and happy Monday!
How are you this morning? Are you getting ready for Valentine’s Day? Perhaps by baking cupcakes? Well, I sure do!

Red velvet cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting as a breakfast surprise for tomorrow! ‍
BUT, as I promised, today I have to share some affirmations that you can use for… weight loss based on the book THE ART OF SIMPLICITY by Dominique Loreau. So if you are thinking about preparing yourself for summer, perhaps you can use some of these?
In page 155, she lists 16 affirmations you can say to yourself to build your self-confidence as is , I think, the basis for any self-improvement.
So, here are 5 of them:
I am self-confident and enjoy my own company.
I can be slim, even if I have never been slim.
I like myself the way I am and I always will.
If I love my body, my body will love me back.
Self-confidence and self-control are two different things. I trust my body.
That’s it for this simple Monday!
My advice?

Yes, expect more of yourself but don’t forget to also be kind to yourself and to others.


Have a lovely week!

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