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Goodmorning and happy Monday! ❤
Continuing our tradition of #simplemondays based on the book L’ART DE LA SIMPLICITE by Dominique Loreau, here are her ideas on how to treat our daily eating habits! I am warning you! She is particularly…strict!

Some tips on how to eat based on quality and not quantity. (p. 153 of the hardcover).
🍋 Food is only a problem when it is not chosen and eaten correctly. Rice, pasta or bread once a day is enough.

🍋 An empty stomach clears the head, cleanses the spirit and feels pleasant.

🍋 Eating from a single bowl is the best way to control portions.

🍋No mediocre food: we eat more to compensate for the lack of taste.
🍋 I can allow myself one or two bites of even the most fattening food.
🍋 Fresh herbs are friends worth getting to know!
That’s it for this simple Monday! See you next week for some affirmations for building our self-confidence for weight-loss.


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