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As I was searching my bookstore for new books, I was lucky enough to come across this gem of a book: L’ART DE LA SIMPLICITE (The art of simplicity) by Dominique Loreau, a book full of advice on living simply and full of joy.

It was published in 2011 in French and now it is translated into English for the first time.
This is an excellent book. It covers the simplicity movement in all of its dimensions: possessions, wardrobe, time, money, beauty, body, nutrition, fitness, spirit, mindfulness, social relationships, poise, personal development and energy.
The author has done a truly excellent job. The language that she uses is cultured and elegant and her writing style is so…serene. Reading her book makes me more calm.
I believe in this book so much that I have decided to go through this journey with you by sharing every Monday a small paragraph that I hope will speak to your heart too…

Practicing Perfection…

For our first idea of the year 2017, this is what the author has to say about Practicing Perfection:
“Avoid tedium by transforming ordinary tasks into rituals. Everything can be accomplished with aesthetic flair, even chores…Try to focus on your activity to the exclusion of all else, engage in it conscientiously, see it through to completion…Practice focusing your concentration on all that you are. Strive continually to surpass yourself, to do things better than ever.”
She also cites a Japanese proverb: “Perfection is not doing exceptional things, but doing ordinary things exceptionally well.”
Have a nice day my friends and thank you for reading!


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