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Good morning my friends and happy Monday!
Continuing our series on simplicity and living simply based on the book L’art de la Simplicite (The Art of Simplicity) by Dominique Loreau, here’s what she has to say on

how to care for our bodies:

” Taking care of your body means setting it free. Many women spend time, energy and money creating a beautiful home, cooking for their family and friends, taking care of others, or going out, while ignoring their own body and making excuses – they “don’t have time” for walking, cleansing rituals or a planned diet. What they fail to realize is that, just as the harmony and nobility of a face reflects the intelligence behind it, so the body does, too…. …………………………..
Each of us is a gem: we must be polished for our true brilliance to shine forth. Striving to be beautiful and keep fit is as important as creating a work of art: we don’t need a canvas and brushes to express ourselves: our bodies and minds are enough.”


That’s it for now! Next Monday, I will share her advice on how to invest on our minimalist care of ourselves.

And some bonus advice from @gretchenrubin “Always workout on Mondays”. It sets the tone for the week! 😃

Have a lovely week and thank you for reading!


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