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7.12.2016 – An Hercule Poirot’s Christmas Day…

Maltesers birthday cake - - blogmas 2016

Good morning my friends and welcome to our Blogmas 2016!

The month of December is such an exciting month, don’t you agree? Everything is a little brighter, cozier, just more sparkly…

December 7th was my son’s 11th birthday!!!!!! I baked him a cake, a Maltesers Chocolate Cake from Nigella Lawson’s Feast: Food to Celebrate Life  which i then decorated with Maltesers and Smarties. It was too sweet for my taste but it looked very impressive!

Maltesers birthday cake - Upcloseandbookish - blogmas 2016


Do you see the book on the stand? It’s called Christmas for Greta and Gracie. If there is any other Greta that reads my blog, how cool is that we have our name in a Christmas book?


Hercule's Poirot Christmas - Upcloseandbookish - blogmas 2016


For our Thursday’s Christmas bookish recommendation, we are having Christmas with Hercule Poirot!


Hercule Poirot's Christmas (Poirot) (Hercule Poirot Series) by [Christie, Agatha] -


The story of this book is this: Simeon Lee, a multi-millionaire tyrannical patriarch is found murdered in a pool of blood at Christmas Eve. This happens during a family reunion in his country house. Every member of his family has the motive to do it but who actually cut his throat? This is one of Agatha Christie’s books that the murder scene has a lot of blood in it. It reminds us of this line of Macbeth:

                                                           “But who would have thought the old man would have had so much blood in him?”

This is a locked room murder mystery. It is absolutely splendid! Agatha’s storytelling is at its finest and it truly has one of the most surprising endings! Excellent for our holidays!


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