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1.12.2016 – A Hundred Summers Day

A Hundred Summers Day -


Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to my first two days of Blogmas 2016! These are our family Christmas adventures through the month of December! Hope you enjoy!

December 1

Good morning! It’s 07.30′ in the morning. It is the first of December and as we are climbing down the stairs, the first thing the kids notice is the lit-up tree!


Christmas tree blogmas Upcloseandbookish
Of course, the second thing that we do is open our Christmas advent calendars which they have been begging to open since the middle of November when we bought them! I usually wake up at 6.45 so as to have a cup of coffee by myself and then i wake up the kids at 07.15 so we can have plenty of time until we have to leave at 08.00. Then, it is time for the school run.

When i came back, i saw that the annual charm from Michalis Jewelry has come. The 2017 charm is a little golden boat which is really adorable. Basically because my husband and I purchased our wedding rings in 2004 from them, every December they send us a free small charm with their Christmas cards. I love them and i really anticipate them every year!

Boat charm blogmas upcloseandbookish


Afterwards, it’s breakfast time and my time for work. In winter, for breakfast I usually have a big bowl of almond, honey and cinnamon porridge as i watch an episode of A Good Wife.



Then, its time for work! I have a really lovely office with my own desk and everything but…i almost always work from my kitchen table. Because here in Greece our main course is lunch and we usually have a lighter dish for dinner, i do most of my cooking in the morning. Instead of going back and forth between my office and the kitchen, I’ve decided to just move my laptop to my kitchen for a few hours.

Working at home blogmas upcloseandbookish




The rest of the day is a blur. Lunch for the kids, homework, nap for the little one, afterschool activities and general mayhem. I was fortunate enough to have a little time for this.

Coffeetime blogmas upcloseandbookish


The Nespresso capsule that I’ve used is the Limited Edition Variations Sachertorte which is inspired by an Austrian chocolate cake with apricot jam, the Sachertorte. The book is A Year of Daily Joy. A Guided Journal to Creating Happiness Every Day by Jennifer Louden.  It is a daily journal where everyday looks like this.

daily journal joy blogmas upcloseandbookish





Day 2 was a Friday and it was such a busy day! It started with me having highlights in my hair, a process that lasted 3 (!)  hours! Then, i had a million places that i had to go,  a parent-teacher meeting, generally activities that had to do with my kids school so i wasn’t able to document them. But I found out the time to start this book.


A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams | Upcloseandbookish

Isn’t it a gorgeous cover? It is really a very engaging read. The way Beatriz Williams writes is so vivid you can almost taste the salt air!


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